My name is Archer but everyone calls me Avery. I'm a perpetual college student working to be an architect politician lawyer. At least thats this months life plan. When I'm not studying I love to enjoy the outdoors, reading, movies, and hanging out with friends and being lazy. I live and am from Colorado and think it is the best place in the world to live. If you think you know a better place please let me know. If you want to know anything else just ask or cyberstalk me.

My heart and prayers go out to those influenced by the shooting early this morning. As I watch the news and check to make sure that all my loved ones are safe I am overwhelmed by the amazing national support Colorado has received. Before 4:30 am I had already received calls from all across the nation making sure that we were safe. The only good thing to have come out of this tragedy is the amazing sense of unity and support. Once again everyone that was effect you are in my families constant prayers.